Apple iPhone 8: What to Expect?

It’s that time of the year when the hype for the new iPhone is at its peak. Apple is likely to unveil its latest generation of iPhone in almost a month’s time. This year is special because, it marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Hence, it is expected that Apple is going to offer more than just a mere spec bump. Instead, this time Apple is expected to launch a special device, with a significant improvement over the current iPhone.

List of Expected Upgrades for iPhone 8

Your Tech Dose has compiled a list of Top 5 changes that are expected in the upcoming iPhone.

  • Improved Display: The new iPhone is expected to come with slimmer bezels, which would allow it to offer a bigger screen size in the same footprint. The Screen is also expected to be much brighter with improved anti reflective coating. Furthermore, iPhone 8 is also expected to finally get a 2K Display with 601 DPI, currently, it only comes with a 1080P Display with 401 DPI. (GsmArena)
  • Screen Integrated Touch ID: Due to the bigger screen size, the new iPhone will reportedly come with a digital home button, which would double as the Touch ID. This makes sense, as with the iPhone 7, Apple ditched the physical button by integrating a haptic sensor. Hence, the next step is to have It inside the display!
  • Wireless Charging: Apple is also reportedly working on finally ditching the plug-and-play charging. Apparently, the iPhone 8 will use wireless charging, however, there it’s still not clear if it’s going to use a charging pad like most of Samsung’s flagship devices.
  • A11 Chip with up to 4GB of Ram: One thing that Apple does the best is its hardware utilization. Although the Current iPhone 7 is quite fast, but Apple is reportedly going to take it to the next level by integrating a faster quad-core processor and up to 4GB of RAM in the iPhone 8 Plus. This would definitely make it one of the fastest devices by a long margin.
  • Iris Scanner: According to one source, iPhone 8 would reportedly come with an iris scanner for added security, which might eventually replace the Touch-ID altogether. The latter seems far-fetched but there is a chance of seeing an iPhone without a Touch-ID!

 Although, these are still rumors but like every year, a lot of rumors regarding the iPhone turn out to be true. Your Tech Dose will keep updating the necessary info regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 8. Till then, enjoy these amazing renderings of the upcoming iPhone!



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