Blackberry in 2017: Is It Dead?

Blackberry has been the king of the business class of phones for a long time. However, the dynamic nature of the Tech Industry has changed a lot of things in the recent years. Many new companies like Huawei and OnePlus have sprung out and captured a significant market share of the smart phone industry. However, the competitive edge that Blackberry had is still not taken by one specific company yet. Many tech gurus argue that Blackberry died the day it gave up on their Operating Software (OS) aka Blackberry OS. Whereas, others say that moving on to the Android gave a new life to the company.

In this review, we’ll test these theories and see how Blackberry Passport, the last Blackberry before the company ditched its Blackberry OS, performs as the daily runner. To check the detailed specifications of the Blackberry Passport, click on gsmarena.

The Aesthetics Of BB Passport

Setting aside the nitty-gritty specs, let’s just focus on the odd aesthetics of this phone. BB Passport is quite literally the size of a passport. It’s squared design makes it almost impossible to use single handedly. Similarly, the odd screen ratio makes HD media consumption a nightmare. Pretty much all the HD videos have a letter-boxing effect, which means that the top and bottom of the screen is blacked out to show the video in its native, 16:9 aspect ratio.

One of the things that Blackberry did right with this phone is the touch sensitive navigation on the physical keyboard. Basically, the user can just swipe the fingers on the physical keyboard to navigate and scroll through pages. This feature has become quite popular and therefore used in the new Blackberry’s Flagship devices as well.

How about the App Support for the BlackBerry OS?

Well this is another area in which Blackberry fails miserably. Even the essential social media apps are not well optimized specially if you are coming from an Android or iOS device. Many important apps like WhatsApp are withdrawing their support of the Blackberry OS. For instance, as soon as you open the WhatsApp, you are greeted with a message asking you to change your device before 30th-June-2017 or else it won’t work.

blackberry passport WhatsApp support

One of the primary reasons for BlackBerry to adopt Android OS was the level of development and supported apps. They first gave up their exclusivity as soon as they made the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) available to iOS and Android devices and then everything started to fall apart. Hence, when it became apparent that they could not compete with Android, they unfortunately killed the BB OS themselves.


By considering all the points above and using the BlackBerry Passport for over a month, I would have to say with a heavy heart, that true BlackBerry is actually dead. Although, the company has tried to rejuvenate the brand by adopting the Android OS, but it has lost its feel and image. We hope that in future, Blackberry can come up with better devices, which are more Blackberry than Google. Till then, it’s really hard to recommend one.



2 thoughts on “Blackberry in 2017: Is It Dead?

  1. [ Smiles ] I used the BlackBerry smartphone in the past and I loved it.

    However, today’s BlackBerry seems a bit strange. I am still trying to get over the idea that BlackBerry made the decision to go with the Android operating system.

    Rest in peace, BlackBerry.

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